About Me

Dear Math Community,

        I first became interested in computer programming and engineering, which I do develop programs for simulation and calculations of expressions and certain equations. I first began in the programming languages of C++, C#, and VB.NET and soon became interested in using other languages. As I began my programming career, I began to wander off to many other different subjects, such as Mathematics. This is when I began developing Mathematical Theorems based on Pi and the Fibanacci Sequence, or the Golden Ratio.

As I became more involved in Mathematics, I began discovering new things within our world, such as how the Fibanacci can be used as a blue print for nature and how everything is designed. I also began finding expressions and equations, such as my Midinian Equation of my Theorem, known as the Midinian Theorem of Pi, or for short the MPi Theorem.

Now, I am out to explore new ideas of Mathematics, hoping to "Give more to my community than recieving" - Albert Einstein.

      Gregg Shaffter