Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Theory of Space-Time and Physics

This theory states that an object's point is located at the rim in which it bends the time blanket where it begins taking position. If an object is inside the orbit point, which theoritically can be calculated with the equation below:

P = S x 2 / g <- The orbit point is equal to the size of the object mutliplied by 2 divided by it's gravity.

the object will force the object with less density to be pulled towards the object that is more dense.

Also, theoretically, every piece of matter in the Universe of space-time is surrounded by a time blanket. This time blanket allows any object to be collidable with other objects without passing through the object. For example, if you were to collide two balls together, they would simply " bounce" off each other. One exception is when both particles of matter are exactly the same, for then since they are technically the same time blanket, just seperated, they would become one time blanket, making one time blanket.

Now, let us say we collide two balls together, You would notice that both objects will, at the speed they were collided together, "bounce" off of each other. There can be an explanation for this, with this theory. Theoretically, the reason why the two balls bounce off each other is because the two time blankets reverse the space-time for the time blanket. If nothing contributed to the collision, then in any form the object, or the ball that collided with the other, would reverse in time at the same speed.

As a result, when the two different types of time blankets collided, they repel each other as two magnets of the same poles would do. This is caused by the fact that two time blankets cannot be part of one. It is like the past, present, and future becoming one time. It cannot be done do to the fact that the Universe would start and end at the moment it started.

If something were to happen at the same time it was do to happen and at the time it already happened, it would be the same as having the past, present, and future seperated, so this can never happen. This is the same as two different time blankets joining together. If one time blanket were to "go inside" another time blanket, the time blankets would become one time blanket, so the time blanket that was "absorbed" by the other time blanket would not have existed, for it never existed at all.

"Time Ghosts"

Theoretically, in any case, if this were to be possible, if two time blankets were able to be non-collidable and go through each other, an event of a "time ghost" could happen. For example, if two different time blankets, one of an event of one person walking, and one other time blanket, one of an event of the same person standing, were to go through each other, then the person who was standing could emember memorize themselves walking, but this event did not even happen in the first place.

"Time Travel"

In many cases, time travel has thought to have been in fact possible, However, in this theory, time trabel could and could not be possible. The only case in which time travel can only be possible is when the object(s) of the present are in fact existing in both the past and the future. This is do to the fact that if a time blanket does not exist, then it cannot be "traveled" to in the first place.

But, you may be wondering, "If matter cannot be created or destroyed, how is this theory possible?" Simply, the time blanket(s) have already been created and planned for each individual piece of matter in the Universe, The poins is, in fact, the time blanket that is gone to is determined to what happens in each other time blanket.

The only problem with time travel is if you were to trabel to a different time blanket, you would have needed to create another time blanket in order for that time travel to have occured, which then makes time travel impossible.

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