Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Medinian Theorem of Pi

Well, currently I have been working on different types of mathematics, such as Geometry, and I have discovered certain things about the Fibanacci Sequence, or the golden ratio. Now, while working on this, I found an expression while trying to calculate values of the golden ratio using different diagrams of the golden ratio.

 πa(b) / c

In this expression, if we were to measure a sea shell from all parts, you would get the values of 5.5, 3, 3, and π. Now, put the values into the expression, being π * 3(3) / 5.5, you would get the approximation of
5.1407879786014798447570528090028 - π x π / 2 = π.

Now, I used the diagrams of the Human Face, such as in this link:

Here is a better example, which is more accurate:


Now, using certain measurments, you will get the same spiral shell as if you were to use the flower as a way to map out the sea shell. From this, you will get the same values, 5.5, 3, 3, and π. Now, using a bigger sea shell, or an example:


The measurments would be 11.5, 6, 6, and 2π, and from this you get a relation between the two versions of the sea shell mapped out on both a flower and on the human face, you will get values very similar to each other, therefore proving that 5.5, 3, 3, and π are the main values of the building, or blue print, of the Fibanacci sequence.

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